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Tommy Fits Himself

I love that little mongrel, he's a good dog.

I don't know what's more disturbing about the photo of H... the fact that he seems to be passing up that live Kinks double LP for a mediocre Joboxers release, or his darn collar bangs.


I am a dog person. I have my very own Jackson (of the JRT variety). This post made me cry. My other dog, Nell, is a baby loverrrrr of the first degree. Jackson has never seen one up close but he's a big dope and I'm hoping he follows in the pawprints of his illustrious namesake. In fact I'm gonna show him this post.Yes he can read.
Jackson USA...big love, dude.


I just wrote a post about being scared my son will have no friends and now I click over here and read this and now I'm crying and thinking I'm going to have to get a fucking dog so my son will have a friend and I hate dogs. Insomnia sucks.

Anna H.

A boy and his dog. I love that.



Loving the pictures of the two of them in the car. So cute. Still do not want a dog, so will not mention this post to K.

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