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Tommy Himself

That face! That glazed face... ick. And, if you remember, it wasn't all eggy white. There were some flecks of stuff that looked like the underside of the lid from an old mustard jar.

Sheesh... will your readers ever eat again?


I just knew we were setting ourselves up for a self-fulfilling prophecy when we named our son Mucus.


Mucus(Korean name)Sticking Point.

Has a nice ring to it, no?

Oh, and I'm on WW. Thanks to this post I will not need to count points today.


Is Zycam safe for snotty babies? (Doubtful, and it sounds like he has so much stuff up there that adding anything else to the mix is going to be a waste of time.) But yeah, I agree with Marla. I ought to be on WW, I'm not, but I'm pretty sure I've lost my appetite for the rest of the day. So big props to His Snottiness! I could stand to lose at least a dozen pounds...


Get used to it ladies. Babies can't blow their noses.

And at least I don't talk about poop! (well, i guess i do. but not human poop.)

Jeez, I've really let myself go, haven't I?



Oh, babyhood. I miss it.

Figlet His Nose Still Running?


Kind of tired of the snot post.

What's Jackson up to? Is H. feeling better?

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