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Anna H.

Oh, there are no words. So lovely that your son was there for you yesterday of all days.


Mr Fits

You shake me. You dazzle me. Another incredible, and moving, piece of selfless writing.



Beautifully written as ever. And 'Hounds of Love'? One of my all time faves. And if I only could, I'd make a deal with god...
The times that line has gone through my head.
Looks to me like you've been blessed with some special men in your life. Cool.


Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.


Well, you made me cry. That was beautiful. Because I've just been there in that denial, trying to believe that my mom would be the one who beat the cancer that no one ever beats. I asked my therapist, "What do you do? How do you help someone who is dying?" "There is no way to help. There is nothing to do. Just be there to listen. Just be there." It sounds like you were there, and that was good. So sorry for your loss, at such a critical time in your life.


I just lost a close family member this year, and the situation and feelings you describe are eerily familiar. In our time, popular music is like Proust's madeleine (although an iPod is not quite as romantic an image).

Hey, I lived in a dorm on 116th and Broadway. Gone by 1987 though. I still remember my first floor window with bars, choking on bus fumes and hearing the subway doors closing through the sidewalk grate in my sleep. Ah, those were the days...

Brooklyn Mama

This post is so moving - I so relate to the power of music to soften the harsh edges of sorrow. And oh, yes, the power of Kate Bush to take a person back in time. I know that phenomenon very well.

Brooklyn Mama

By the way, thanks for the music suggestions!

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