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Tommy Himself

Chinese lesbiana is babysitter-worthy. Sign me up!


Free screening (with village voice ad) tonight -- 19th + Broadway! I'll be there.


I couldn't get on the website. What's is all about? Maybe I'll make it my one movie of the year. Or maybe I'll offer to babysit for H so you can go out carousing. Take me up on it while you can...


Sigh. Not to be for me, unless they show it at the baby-friendly movie showings. Did you read the article about the filmmaker in Time Out New York this week?


Moxie, I didn't read the I saw something on NY1 about it.

And I contemplated going to one of those baby-friendly movies today...except it was Crash. I don't think H. really needs to be watching that right now. I guess it's better for the under 6-month set who nap frequently and sit nicely in their strollers.

And Figlet, it's apparently about a successful Chinese-American woman who is gay. Her mother is played by the gorgeous Joan Chen, who at 48, finds herself pregnant. She moves back in with her daughter and madness ensues. Not sure if the whole film is Chinese language or not, but the clips I saw were.


Me me me! Only I'll probably get to see it in about 2007 when/if it gets out on DVD over here.


The report: a lot of subtitled scenes when they're up in Flushing, talking w/ family, etc. Joan Chen lovely, and not at all annoying, which was a shock since I had only ever seen her in Twin Peaks. It was fun, but as my friend pointed out when we left: "I hadn't seen that movie before, but... really... I HAD." Indeed, a testament to the power of romantic comedy cliches.

(Also, we should have thought harder about precisely the kind of audience that turns out for a free screening of a movie that, while technically a romantic comedy sort of thing featuring Chinese-American lesbians, is also a free screening of a movie featuring at least some, er, Asian girl-on-girl action. So. Um. Right.)


qp--thanks for the report! do want to see it.

Brooklyn Mama

I totally wanna see it. But, alas, will probably have to wait til it comes out on video too.

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