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Grrrr. Yeah, plenty of rudeness on the subway. Did you want me to give you a lesson in how to get the slouching lout to take his feet off the seat? That's my specialty. Or how to get the guy with his legs spread across two hemipsheres to close them? That one is good too.

Yay on the walking! This I have to see, SOON!

Brooklyn Mama

I KNOW!!!! I've been frankly shocked by how few people have helped out or offered seats or seemed to even begin to realize just how hard it actually is to try to get a baby around this city on public transportation! Oy. Don't get me started.

Hooray for walking!!!!

Tommy Himself

Humankind is shit.

Except for me, you, and your readers, of course.

I'd like to add that the two people who DID offer you their seats on Saturday were two people who would have paid for doing so. There was the guy, way down the train car, who went out of his way to get your attention and offer his spot. He would have had to stand up amongst a tightly bundled scrum of fetid shitheels.

The other was the woman in her 50s who was holding two enormous bags on her lap and about 80 extra pounds on her body frame.

I hope these two kind souls were somehow rewarded later in the day.

Everytime a mom thanks me for helping her in and around the subway, I quietly hope karma can hear it.


Wow! First steps! Cool!

Asshole people! Not cool! During his nap I would actually start sharpening his teeth with a blade. His primary teeth will fall out later anyways, right? Might as well put them to some good use.


I can't answer, really, the philosophical question "what the fuck, fuckers?"--like it though I do--but I thought I'd say hi anyway and mention that my MFA is in poetry--I think I've counted four or so MFA veterans (or vets to be) in these adoptionblogs neck of the woods. Coincidence? I wonder. Where did you go to school?

I loved that you "tell riddles" in your homestudy--why, the "Fits Home" sounds almost as dorky as ours.


Common courtesy, yeah, it's a misnomer these days. Shall we call it uncommon courtesy and start some sort of club? I don't live in the city, and I think things are slightly better here, but only slightly. I used to think older people had the time and wisdom to be courteous, but even that isn't true, is it?

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