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Brooklyn Mama

I hear you, on all counts.

Hey! Try Kensington! Veeeerrrry nice over here . . .


As long as you stay on the F Train or maybe the A I'll deal. Because I'm learning to be a grownup, too, and grownups deal.


So that means that Queens would be ok too. But not New Jersey. No offense to New Jerseyers, I nearly moved there myself. But you can't get there on the MTA.

Mr Fits Himself

Let's just be clear...

The babysitter is NOT to help herself to DVDs. As a matter of fact, I'd prefer it if she just reads. Good old, no audio-system-wrecking, buttons-or-equalizer-needing, electronic-equipment-breaking, reading. Point her to the bookshelf and the Girl Scout cookies we don't want and tell her we'll be back in three hours.

And also, tell her, "the surveillance cameras are for your protection."



Move here. Meaning right here. Where I live. The rent won't be cheaper but the weather is a hell of a lot better and we have Stanford (IMO better than Harvard).

Anna H.

That H is a genius! But I'm with Marla and rooting for the west coast...


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