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Sounds like it's all coming along alright. That's good to hear because eventually I'll have to go back to work to. Mind you not for a couple years, but I still think about it now. I hope it's smooth sailing for you for the next few months!


I'm glad it's working out. I can relate to missing your child; my girl is my constant companion during the summer and I miss her when we're apart. It's almost the weekend! Since I went back to work this week, too, I just hope I can remain awake for most of it!

Anna H.

So glad it's going well -- hope you get lots of rest and love this weekend.



I'm glad it's working out.


I hope, at this exact moment, that you and H are sharing a nice cold something together. And lots of cuddles and sticky kisses. Mazel tov on making it through this week.


And there's that post! Great news. Happy for you all that the first week went so well.

Daddy Himself

Cheers, Jacks, you were a champ this week.


I'm glad its working out. I started work again when S was 12 months old - it was tougher on me than it was on him - he only cried the first 6 times I left him (I shouldn't say I - my dh did the drop offs thankfully) and now he just loves going to his carers house 2 days each week. For me, working became easier as S became older. When he was jsut about to turn two I found it so much easier - I could stay at work for a drink on a friday night knowing that he could go to bed a half hour later without a problem. It was a bit strange though - particularly as my friends were all still at home full time - I felt (and sometimes still do) kind of out of step...


update! update! How are you doing?


guuuuuuuurrrrl! where you at? i'm missing your skills.


No pressure or anything. But, um, you still have readers, you know?

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