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Brooklyn Mama

Aw, man. You got me all choked up here. I'm so glad all is well with H. I know that gratitude and amazement you write about. And that love.

Daddy Himself

This is beautiful, Jacks.

Mrs Figby

What an awesome story. And I'm so glad H's heart is fine.


Don't scare me like that again! Huge relief that he's okay.

You can give him a balloon from me too. I'll pay you back... promise.


Lovely post!
Tell H we'll bring him a pink balloon. We have a whole bag of them. Any color as long as it's pink.


Lovely post!
Tell H we'll bring him a pink balloon. We have a whole bag of them. Any color as long as it's pink.


Damn I missed your writing! Beautiful.(And my 15mo niece has the same thing. No biggie.)


I heart H's heart.


I heart Jackson heart, too. I can't believe how much he has grown. Maybe all of those butter cookies led to a growth spurt?


tears rolling down my cheeks followed by, thankfully, a sigh of relief at the end. i cannot imagine how you felt.

xo to H and his glorious heart. and to you and your heart for being so strong.


Delurking ot say I am so glad H is ok. My son from Korea is an "H", too, and we also have a beagle. Like the new picture, by the way!

Anna H.

Good god, woman! That just might be the most beautiful post ever written.

So glad all's well with beautiful H's fast-beating heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this.


Anna H.

ps. Apparently, those heart murmurs can come in handy sometimes -- my husband still revels in the fact that his childhood murmur got him out of an entire year of freshman PE...


I don't know why this made me cry, but it did. H IS perfect, Jacks.


Wow, this was a really beautiful post. Thank you. I'm so glad he's okay. And it sounds like you are more than okay.


That was lovely... thanks. I'm so glad he's okay...


You had me all tightened up in my chair! I'm glad to hear H is doing fine...he'll probably look back at it as his first trip to "the trainer"--for contract renegotiation.


Crying at my desk here. That was beautiful. Thanks.


So glad he is ok!


That was just lovely. The past, the present, the future..sometimes they all converge in the most amazing ways. Glad to hear all is well.

Tommy Himself

All these years later, this is still a powerful entry.

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