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Mr Fits Himself

I'll help.

But please, let's settle down for awhile. It's a little embarrassing that the Post Office keeps sending us blank Change of Address forms every six months.

And moving companies have been calling me on my cell.

Here's to us, the newest Forest Hillbillies.


Ummm, isn't this a two-fer? A built-in babysitter you live next door too?! Sweet!


I'm so jealous. But excited for you! May you be very happy in your new home. Does the dog get his own bedroom now?

Brooklyn Mama

Aw, damn. But Great for you! I guess it's too late to interest you in Kensington, huh? Good luck on the move and hooray for closet space!!


Any treatment will do as long as you don't cast Michael Rappaport as Mr. Fits Himself...maybe Henry Rollins (with dyed hair of course)?


Kick ass!! That sounds wonderful. Three bedrooms - you peeps aren't going to know what to do with the extra space. And you can't beat being so close to the sister. (Hopefully Mr. Fits is cool with living so close to an IL)

Who lives in CA and has no idea what a "Classic Six" is but knows it sounds very fancy.

Mr Fits Himself

LOVE the ILs! Their proximity scored big points in favor of moving.


PS: I was there to hear him say "Classic Six," and didn't know what it meant. All I could think of was some meathead saying "Yeah, I gotcher classic six... right hee-yah."


I think this means you must be moving...right this minute. Hope it is going well and you love your new space!

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